4-SQ box for 40m finished

I’ve built a phase box for the new 4-SQ. It’s built on a PCB I designed a couple of years ago for SK3W and I added a nice little text to it, just for fun šŸ™‚ The cores are two pcs of T300A-2 and the capacitors are Russian doorknob, about 200pF in each capacitor bank. I’ve measured a bit on the oscilloscope and it looks like it performs as it should, so hopefully soon we’ll get to test it on the 40m 4-SQ. I haven’t decided yet if I am gonna make a box for it. It will be installed in a cabinet so weatherproofing is done, I might add some metal around it just for shielding.

I also spent some time in the lathe to make the tubes fit for the WARC duobander I’ve designed. It’s an Hy-gain LJ-203BA which I shorten the elements so that it operates on 17m and I added four elements for 12m to it as well. To avoid needing to calculate the effect of those strange Hy-gain element clamps I will replace them with my own and isolate the elements from the plates.

Rumors this weekend is that SM3JLA will show up and I hope we will go and spend a few hours in SkellefteƄ at their flea market that the local club SK2AU arranges. I am going down to SJ2W on Thursday evening and will start shoveling gravel to fit the posts for the 40m 4-SQ.

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