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Big update of the build, December 2017

The following few posts are pictures from what has happened this autumn. As you can see I have been very busy and even though I have gotten help some weekends it has been a lot of hours spent also alone building. SM2UVU has been a major help during the build helping me every second or third weekend and most of the times full weekends. Also SA2KNG spent some time with me, especially in the beginning part with the foundation. SM2XLL also helped a couple of weekends when we erected the frame plus SM2XJP comes over when I ask him for help and also SA2CLC. My neighbor has been very helpful, especially when erecting the frame using the crane and also a few others from the village has been helping with the bigger tasks. Hope you enjoy the pictures even if I haven’t put captions on the pictures, I think they explain themselves pretty well.

And of course Anna has been very supportive not being upset over the house looking like mess with tools everywhere and me not going up to LuleƄ were she lives for four month because I have been busy trying to get the building up before the snow. She has also helped quite a bit which I am very happy about.

And GTL has been very helpful too. I have gotten to borrow machines from them and they have helped in various other ways including delivering the concrete.

Big update of the build, November 2017

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