Monthly Archives: February 2009

Temperature monitoring

I have designed a few boards which will help me to monitor the temperature at the radio QTH, so that I can see if something has happened. I found an old ATMEGA8535 uC lying around so I used that for the card which handles all the communication with the temperature sensors and the computer. The temperature sensors are LM76 which use an I2C interface to communicate and has got a 2 bit address which means a maximum of four sensors connected.

This will probably be changed to a wireless sensor node we have developed at work, but I want something right now so I took a few hours and built these. They will send data frequently to the linux server which is located in the house and I will retrieve the data from there and post it on this site, so we have temperature graphs of the different rooms. I will try to add an outdoor sensor too but I dont think I will have time for that before the weekend.

The temperature control board


USB interface to communicate with the board

One of four temperature sensors.