This page contains information about our current setup. You can click on the different antenna system and see details and pictures of the antennas.

  #1 61m high OH8QD tower which is rotational
  #2 16m high rotational tower which is un-guyed, holding 6/6 for 10m
  #3 18m high tower, with G-1000SDX rotator
  #4 18m high tower, Alfaspid rotator
  #5 29m high tower (160m vertical)
  #6 41m high tower which is rotational
  #7 61m high OH8QD tower which is rotational (Mosko)
  #8 32m high tower which is rotatable (inband)


160m: Fullsize 1/4 vertical [Info]
80m: 4-SQ Array [Info]
40m: 3/3el mono @60/35m + 2/2el @41/21m + 4-SQ [Info]
20m: 6/6/6el mono @55/39/23m + 5/5el @38/24m + 4el @EU at 16m [Info]
15m: 6/6/6/6/6el mono @53/44/35/26/17m + 6/6el mono @28/17m + 5el mono @19m [Info]
10m: 6/6el mono @15/9.5m + 6el mono @46m [Info]

  Inband: 2el mono @31m for 40m, OB16-3 triband type yagi @26m. Located 470m from the other towers.

  30m: 3el mono @31m
  17m/12m: Homebrew 5/6el duobander @23m

  6m: 7el with 8m boom @18m

  Rigs: K3, 2xTS-590SG, FT1000MP MKV, TS480HX, IC-7400
  Amps: ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB), ACOM 2000A (SM2OAN)

RX Antennas
  Hi-Z RX 4-SQ, located ~320m straight north
  Beverage, 300m towards West Coast US (330 degrees) terminated
  Beverage, 550m towards East Coast US (300 degrees) terminated
  Beverage, 550m towards West (280 degrees) terminated
  Beverage, 280m towards South America (240/60 degrees) unterminated
  Beverage, 220m towards EU/Africa (180 degrees) terminated
  Beverage, 220m towards South East (120/300 degrees) unterminated
  Beverage, 450m towards Australia (80 degrees) terminated
  Beverage, 750m towards Japan (45 degrees) terminated

  1. One of the top 3 Signals in SAC 2014 in all of Scandinavia on any band !!
    Nice website
    73 de N4LA / Todd
    Denton, North Carolina

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