This page contains information about our current setup. You can click on the different antenna system and see details and pictures of the antennas.

  #1 61m high OH8QD tower which is rotational
  #2 16m high rotational tower which is un-guyed, holding 6/6 for 10m
  #3 18m high tower, with G-1000SDX rotator
  #4 18m high tower, Alfaspid rotator
  #5 29m high tower (160m vertical)
  #6 41m high tower which is rotational
  #7 61m high OH8QD tower which is rotational (Mosko)
  #8 32m high tower which is rotatable (inband)


160m: Fullsize 1/4 vertical [Info]
80m: 4-SQ Array [Info]
40m: 3/3el mono @60/35m + 2/2el @41/21m + 4-SQ [Info]
20m: 6/6/6el mono @55/39/23m + 5el @40m + 4el @EU at 16m [Info]
15m: 6/6/6/6/6el mono @53/44/35/26/17m + 6/6el mono @28/17m + 5el mono @19m [Info]
10m: 7/7/7el @38/25/12m + 6/6el mono @15/9.5m + 6el mono @46m [Info]

  Inband: 2el mono @31m for 40m, OB16-3 triband type yagi @26m. Located 470m from the other towers.

  30m: 3el mono @31m
  17m/12m: Homebrew 5/6el duobander @23m

  6m: 7el with 8m boom @18m

  Rigs: FTDX101MP, 4xK3
  Amps: 3xACOM 2000A, OM3501A

RX Antennas
  Hi-Z RX 4-SQ, located ~320m straight north
  10 beverages between 180 and 500m long. Phased beverages towards USA and Japan.

  1. One of the top 3 Signals in SAC 2014 in all of Scandinavia on any band !!
    Nice website
    73 de N4LA / Todd
    Denton, North Carolina

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