Monthly Archives: March 2016

Last weekend

Here is a little update of last weekend. I went down to SJ2W on Friday and met up with SM2XLL in SkellefteƄ where we ate dinner and continued the trip to SJ2W. SM2XJP helped me to unload the car which was full of stuff for the QBL including the amplifier, transformer etc itself. I also got with me some archive cabinets down which I really like to store tools etc in.

A little update

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I am too busy with work and other stuff. I need to find a way to get rich soon so I that I can work less and spend more time on radio related stuff šŸ˜‰ However right now I am trying to recover from the flu.

I have been working on making a little workshop in the basement at SJ2W since I am changing jobs and am left without a mechanical and electronics workshop. I will try to continue building on the QBL amplifier down there and also other stuff, its very nice with a heated space.

SM2LIY was also here and operated ARRL CW and it seems like it might be a #1 win in Europe also this year but this time on 20m, very fun indeed. I am a bit pissed that I skipped working ARRL SSB since the propagation’s were really good. Hopefully I will have time and motivation to do the WPX SSB, either SOAB or SB20, we will see.