Monthly Archives: August 2009

New climbing gear

I ordered some new climbing gear from which is located in my old town. I felt that I wanted to have real stuff which hopefully saves my life if I fall instead of just breaking my body into two pieces like a belt would.

The harness

The ropes with fall dampner and big hooks

And a climbing helmet

The red light

SM2XJP took a few pictures with his cellphone camera of the tower in the dawn. Looks pretty nice with its bright red light :)Thanks Peter!

The horizon

When I made the trip up to 37m to take down the cable from the top light I took some pictures of the takeoff to most directions. I will try to update these later with pictures from 60m.

View down from 36m

Another view down

The 10m stack

View towards VK

View towards South East

View towards South (EU  & Africa)

View towards South West (UK, South America)

View towards west (Central America, North America)

View towards Alaska

View straight North

View straight Japan

The 60m tower is up

After a lot of work we finally erected the last 24m of the60m tower this Monday. The guys who helped were SM2XJP, SM2LIY, SM2NOG, SM2WMV and Anna who did take the pictures. It all went fairly smoothly and the lift took about 1.5 hour. Here are the pictures from the lift and comments to them.