Monthly Archives: March 2015

SAC results + updates

The results from the Scandinavian Activity Contest were published today and we managed to with both CW and SSB in Sweden. I also managed to get #1 in Scandinavia. Last time a Swede won SAC SSB was in 1982 so It was about time and hopefully I can repeat this more times. SM2LIY placed #1 in Sweden in CW and #4 in Scandinavia. More info on

One of the winter storms tore off half of the reflector on the top 20m yagi, so some repairs need to be done this summer. I think I will replace all elements just to be safe since it is quite a task to lower the antenna to fix it. I might use the old elements for a less critical beam, maybe a 17m yagi? šŸ™‚

I have been working a lot lately so not much progress on stuff at the station. However spring is approaching and I will start to prepare for the summer projects where the main task will be fixing the last stuff on the house outside and also trying to get the inband tower up. I have a 5el for 20 and 10m but I am in need of a 5el for 15m as well. If I can’t get hold of one used I will build one plus also a 2el for 40m. The tower is a WIBE tower that I got in a trade from SM2EKM that is 28m high and I will weld some reinforcements on it so we can make it rotatable.