Monthly Archives: April 2009

Remote control installation

Some work was done two weeks ago. The power outlets behind the fake wall was installed and also connected to a new power central which was put up during the same weekend. Currently the amplifier room and the radio shack is connected to it. Each operating position (#3 and #4 shares) can be turned on/off from inside the shack and each operating position is also independently fused.

I added a 24V supply in the basement which is used for contactors etc to turn on/off amplifiers.

Still snow at the station, however a lot melted during the weekend.

Snow snow and more snow

Contactor used to turn on/off the amp.

The grey box on the top right is the remote control box for the amp which I recently built.

The power outlets behind the fake wall. Operation position #1 and #2 has got 8 outlets each and position #3 and #4 shares 8 outlets.

Cheap cable holders (thanks for the idea K1TTT). These work UFB, they are not the prettiest but they work and are cheap.

A bunch made

New power central was installed. Currently the amplifier room and the radio shack is installed to it. Operating position #1, #2 and 3+4 are fused independently.

Decoupling on the 24V output

The 24V supply with the box to turn one wall outlet on/off.

Cable holders in place with two cables running inside. Those are control cables for the amplifier.

Contact block which connects the black thick cable going from the shack with the cable to the amplifier.

24V supply temporarily in place

The contactor on the wall, I didn’t have enough cable clips so I will finish that up later.

The amp room, a bit messy but this was taken right after the installation was done.

To be continued…

Still a lot of snow

Was down at the contest station this weekend and we still have a lot of snow. When I arrived there was the need of shoveling snow to get to the house but the big job was the remove the snow so that I could get access to the barn. Otherwise the weekend was spent fixing the electricity plus also working some radio. This weekend (easter weekend) the plan is to fix the remote control of the amp and also some smaller changes in the shack. The main operating position will be moved one position so that when doing SO2R one can chose to either have the mult radio on the left or right side.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.