Monthly Archives: February 2012

New power meter

I have been working on a few things lately. First I have fixed a box for the input filter for the amplifier project. I have also removed some old electronics from a radio module and taken the 19″ rack box, which is planned to contain all the control electronics for the amplifier automation project.

I also did change the design a bit of the current openASC power meter pickup modules. They now have an 16-bit A/D instead of the built in 10-bit A/D, which will improve the resolution a lot. I also added a new frequency counter which will make it possible to detect the frequency a lot more accurate than before. I assembled the boards and will do some programming on them this weekend.

If this work well SG3P (SK3W) will come up and build a bunch of these devices for his station as well.

Not much going on

Not much has happened lately. I haven’t really been in the mood but hopefully soon some projects will get kick started again. SM2XJP took a nice picture today of the big tower, the top Yagi needs work but other than that its looking pretty good.

20m LP filter finshed

Today I added a couple of 7/16″ chassis connectors to the 20m LP filter and did the fine tuning of the filter and I got very happy about the result. I managed to get less than 0.1dB attenuation in the passband which was one optimistic goal and I got -75dB attenuation in the notch which is at 28.2 MHz. It’s about -57dB on 28.0 MHz and -55dB on 28.5 MHz.

So now I will try this for a while and if it works fine I will build one for 160,80 and 40m as well. But I need some 7/16″ female chassis connectors, so if you have any lying around please contact me!