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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SE2T SM2LIY SM2WMV SM3JLA
Station: SJ2W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  139    20       77
   80:  388    32      111
   40: 1798    39      150
   20: 1418    40      146
   15:  777    39      148
   10:  697    40      162
Total: 5217   210      794  Total Score = 11,003,840

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Not the best of propagations, but we are a bit amazed by the number of mults
available in this contest. We struggled bad on the highbands trying to get any
decent runs going. Only amazing part except for the multipliers was the start
on 40, which produced 983 qsos in 7 hours and with a 2.6 pts/q average. The
rest of the contest felt slow and I believe that USA should move their
thanksgiving weekend, to make proper room for the old farts out there giving
away a few qsos who are not participants. At least it feels like the activity
from US was quite low. However 845 NA qsos on 40m kind of contradicts that.

We missed our goal of 6000q by quite a lot, 3298 qsos the first 24h but Sunday
was a struggle. Probably we suffered mainly from too low sunspots, which didn't
give us really long openings on 10/15m. But even if K1LZ was +40 on 10m we could
not get any runs going, we can't really say why.

New Scandinavian record, so we are still very pleased with the outcome, but it
makes you wonder what is possible if we one year get really lucky during most
of the 48h.

Congrats the "bald team with kulmage" at SK3W for a great score close to the
record by the Paksalo Philharmonics boys in the east in 1999.

Check the website for details,

KH2/N2NL on 40m CW during daylight

This is a clip that I took at 11:20 local time of KH2/N2NL and WH0E on 40m CW

Indoor station tour @SJ2W

I shot some videos of an indoor station tour of SJ2W just before the CQWW DX CW 2011 contest. The videos are not the best quality and unscripted, so keep that in mind and enjoy the tour.

Radio shack tour

Antenna switch room

openASC driver boards @SJ2W

Some amplifiers at SJ2W

WARC tower raised

This weekend the plan was to borrow the L70 tractor from GTL which is the local company who has made all the excavation and we’ve borrowed the tractor before and they also put up the first 36m of the 60m tower. And as long as SM2XJP drives the tractor we don’t seem to have any problems to borrow it, since they know he can handle it very well. We also borrowed the long arm which made us able to lift 8.5m straight up in the air.

SM2XLL showed up and helped me put some extra wire support for the tower, as extra safety to ease the load of the tower during the first part of the lift. Just when we were about to start the lift SM3JLA showed up and could help us. We had to start over during the first attempt since we hooked the tractor arm a bit too high up on the tower. When we moved it 1m down it worked just fine and we were able to raise it rather quickly.

The plan was to put up the 5el CUE DEE monobander for 20m but I had underestimated the size of it, so when we started to look where to lift it from we realized that we needed to take down around 5 trees, and with 3 hours of daylight left to do the lift we felt it was not possible to make it in time. Considering it was just meant to sit there temporarily mainly for CQWW CW to make us more flexible, we just dissembled the antenna and put it away to hopefully get it up next year in the 40m tower. So this tower will stand without any antenna during the winter and get the WARC duobander next year plus the 6m beam.

Lots of pictures, most taken by my girlfriend Anna.