Monthly Archives: August 2008

A QTH has been bought

Now the start of the new SJ2W Contest station starts. SM2WMV bought a QTH on Monday the 25th of August. The area of the land is 31 000m2, the house is 50m2 (+ basement) and there is also a barn that is 150m2, perfect for storing equipment. It is 700m from the closest neighbour with woods all around so there are plenty of room for RX antennas.

There is a bit of a rise towards south america but in most other directions the QTH is similar to a flat one. The start of the QTH project will start this Friday when a bunch of us (SM2HWG, SM2XJP, SM2NOG, SM2LIY and SM2WMV) will be moving in furniture etc into the house. So stay tuned!