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May update 2019

This month a lot was revolving around me buying a lathe. I had to build some machine skates for it and also a toe jack. I also managed to buy a bunch of wheels on an auction that will come in handy when making some machines etc movable inside the workshop.

Me, my dad, SM2XJP and my brother took the 500km drive down to where the lathe was located and everything went super smoothly loading it. I spent the night at my dad and moms place but SM2XJP took the whole drive in one day (1000km) and put the trailer and lathe inside my neighbours garage until I arrived and could unload it. I am really happy about it, the shape of it seem to be great.

I also did some CNC milling for a co-worker that turned out pretty good, I really like having both the CNC mill and the lathe.

Big update of the build, August 2017

More recent stuff

Here is a more recent update 🙂

Öppet hus / open house

Den 12:e September kommer FURA att komma upp med ett gÀng glada radioamatörer för att hÀlsa pÄ och fÄ en rundtur @SJ2W. Förhoppningsvis kommer det Àven dyka upp folk frÄn andra klubbar, alla som Àr intresserade Àr vÀlkommna!

Adressen Àr VÀstomsundet 111, BurtrÀsk