Monthly Archives: April 2011

Finally outdoor work

Now most of the snow is gone and the real season starts. Now its time for lots of outdoor work and my mom and dad came up on Friday with 110m2 of isolation material for the attic, which was bought through SM3WMU since he has got a good discount. The work done during the weekend is that me and SM3JLA did some work on the room we’ve been building out in the barn. Me and my girlfriend spent time cutting down a tree that was half dead and burned the branches and also did some preparations for where the 40m tower will be placed. This will require more work in the forest but its fairly few trees that need to be taken down, probably under 50. The yard was also cleaned and I built a small box to put the 220m long lifting rope we use to hoist antennas up the towers. I found some old box that I extended so it got bigger and held the whole rope.

We also finished up the work on the chimney. So now I will check its no leaks and if that is the case I will do some work downstairs to get the fireplace at its proper position so we can start getting some heat in the basement again.

I took pictures myself as well but unfortunately I forgot the camera at SJ2W so I will update with those pictures as soon as I go down there again, probably on Thursday afternoon. These pictures are mostly taken by my gf Anna and the last picture is taken by SA2AWO, who visited us with family and picked up an 2m amplifier that has been stored at SJ2W.


Remote control card built

Today I assembled a card which will be used to do some different things in the shack. It has got a USB port which is used to communicate with the server, and it has got an openASC bus as well which makes it possible to talk with different units on the bus, or different units to talk with the remote card. It is used together with the box I previously posted about with the 10 pcs of switches, mainly used to turn on/off different gear at the radio station. It can be done either through the server (remotely) or locally. The plan is also that it will have a timer which times out if for example we lose the Internet connection and will then automatically turn off all the gear.

Some carpentry done

This weekend I went down to the QTH together with my girlfriend and her blind dog Molly. Me and SM2XJP spent Saturday building an isolated room in the barn, which we can use as a workshop during the cold winters. It went very well and two walls have even gotten isolation material in them. Now I need to buy some more material to finish it up hopefully during the eastern holidays coming up.

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Aluminum ordered

Aluminum has been ordered for the projects this summer. Planned is to build a 3el Yagi to complete the stack in the 60m tower, also 2x2el Yagis for 40m plus to build another 5el mono for 20m to add to the 5el we have to make it a 5/5el stack. A total of almost 200kg!

Thanks to the people involved in SJ2W who helped to pay this order. And special thanks to SM2DMU/SM2HTF very generous contribution which paid for half of it!