Monthly Archives: August 2017

Insulation and rebar party

This last week was spent laying out the insulation (30cm thick) and also the lower rebar mesh out of the two layers. Now I will need to add the tubing for the floor heating, which will take quite some time since it is a lot, I’d rather just play with the 666 casino games to be honest.

Me and SA2KNG built a foam cutting machine to help with the insulation and it was great to have. We built it out of some scrap material, my old welder and a 2.5mm stick electrode which we removed the flux from. It worked great! On Saturday SM2UVU showed up and we got the rest of the insulation laid down and also the rebar mesh. We got to borrow the Ljungby wheel loader from GTL which was a big help so we did not need to carry the whole stack such a long distance.

Today when I came home I also noticed one of the 80m vertical had broken so I basically went to my casino games again but now I’m playing. Either it is caused by some wind gust or maybe by a moose, guess we won’t find out. Will need to fix this before the winter, its a rather simple task.


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