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This was an amazing contest. I never thought we would be able to beat the result we did in 2011 but we managed. The start of the contest was great, we had huge rates of NA on 20m and the inband (S&P on the running band) worked great with the new coax and vertical. The preamp I bought from DX-engineering was used in the shack to get some more gain on 10/15 since the FT1KMKV has got a bit too low gain on these bands and the IMD of this DX-eng preamp is better than the MKV. SM2LIY ran out with a beverage located 500m away from the TX antennas that seem to work great, it is not long (100m) since it would need to work on 40,80 and 160m and is E/W direction. He heard some JAs on it before the contest so it seems like its working. However it picks up a lot of the TX signal so we might need to put up some loop with null towards the TX antennas in the future, or maybe the RX-array that SA0AZT donated.

The gang were the usual suspects (SE2T, SM2LIY, SM2WMV and SM3JLA) except SM2UVU who is a new addition. SM2UVU did well in his fourth contest ever and we see a lot of potential in him and considering that he is not just very competetive and eager to get better, he’s also a great engineer that will be a big asset in various projects at SJ2W.

In the CW part we will also be M/S and my hopes are to try to break our own Scandinavian record and hopefully manage 6000q for the first time, lets keep our fingers crossed that we get to experience propagation’s close to what we saw in the SSB part, which was just amazing.

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: SJ2W
Station: SJ2W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   78    14       62
   80:  265    23       89
   40: 1008    37      120
   20: 2923    38      149
   15: 1932    39      142
   10: 1579    40      151
Total: 7785   191      713  Total Score = 16,646,256

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Ojojoj amazing propagations. I thought our score from 2011 would be impossible
for us to beat, but with even better propagations this year (?) it was
achieved. Great fun indeed, this is really the contests of contests.

 80m: 4-SQ
 40m: 3/3el   + 2/2el 4-SQ
 20m: 6/6/6el + 5/5el 4el @EU
 15m: 6/6el   + 5el
 10m: 6/6el   + 6el @46m

2xFT1000MKV + FT-5000
ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB) + 4CX1500B + Expert SPE

Building some electronics

Been very busy at work this week but I have managed to get some work done in the evenings. This is some stuff to get the 60m tower and military tower rotational with the openASC-system and also built a notch filter to remove the 20m harmonics from 10m. It will be placed after the amplifier with the amplifier filter switch I built last year. So now I have harmonic filters for 80,40 and 20m. I need to build for 160m too and also add a notch on 15 for the 40m filter, which currently only attenuates 15m with about 6dB but notches 20m very well.

More work at the station

Here is an update from earlier when SM3JLA was helping me. This weekend I am at the work QTH but I will go down to SJ2W tomrrow and start to prepare for CQWW SSB next weekend.

Military tower finished

The tower work in the military tower is now finished. All antennas are up and connected and they seem to work as expected. Some work is left to do on getting the tower rotational and also the jumper cables are needed between the ground and tower. SM2UVU made a contactor box which will be used for the rotation but I need to get hold of 100m+ of multi-conductor cable. SM2LIY, SM2UVU, SM2XJP and SM2XLL has been helping during the last two weeks to get the tower done.

The 40 and 20m antenna systems are now built up as the plans said a few years ago. Next year plans are to add a tower to the inband position for S&P on the run band and also trying to get the 60m tower up. Most of the house work was put on hold this summer and autumn, so that need to be finished next year as well.

2/2el for 40m @41/21m, 5/5el for 20m @38/24m, 3el for 30m @31m all homebrew design.