Military tower finished

The tower work in the military tower is now finished. All antennas are up and connected and they seem to work as expected. Some work is left to do on getting the tower rotational and also the jumper cables are needed between the ground and tower. SM2UVU made a contactor box which will be used for the rotation but I need to get hold of 100m+ of multi-conductor cable. SM2LIY, SM2UVU, SM2XJP and SM2XLL has been helping during the last two weeks to get the tower done.

The 40 and 20m antenna systems are now built up as the plans said a few years ago. Next year plans are to add a tower to the inband position for S&P on the run band and also trying to get the 60m tower up. Most of the house work was put on hold this summer and autumn, so that need to be finished next year as well.

2/2el for 40m @41/21m, 5/5el for 20m @38/24m, 3el for 30m @31m all homebrew design.

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