Monthly Archives: January 2014

QBL amp front plate milled

I haven’t gotten much done lately except programming and playing with the K3 remote. However today I went to work and did a bit of work on the amplifier. However a headache stopped me so I went home. Hopefully I’ll get more done tomorrow. I did mill a plate for the power supply front which holds the ON/OFF switch, HV supply fuse and also a couple of lamps that will indicate HEATER on and HV on.

Various stuff

Not much has happened because I’ve been sick most of the christmas holiday. However, yesterday I managed to go to work and continue working on the power supply for the amplifier project. I’ve been playing with the radio a lot too, working the new special call we have SJ2014ECC to celebrate that UmeĆ„ (closeby town) is the European Culture Capital this year, more info can be found on and on