I’ve built a lot of different antenna switches and spent time and money to develop PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for these. Since the interest seem to be quite high I decided to sell boards and use the small profit to finance parts of the SJ2W project which usually also includes more electronic projects.

All boards have at least 105 um copper thickness and they easily handle OM3500 type of power levels. All the different designs use a positive voltage to activate an output and common ground.

And please note that I only sell the circuit boards, no other parts are sold.

6×1 Regular six port antenna switch 40 euro More info
6×2 Six antennas can be routed to two radios 50 euro More info
Stacker Three antenna stackbox 40 euro More info
4-SQ 4-SQ board 45 euro More info
VHP 6×2 Six antennas can be routed to two radios, 7/16″ connectors 80 euro More info
VHP Stacker Three antenna stackbox to two radios, 7/16″ connectors 70 euro More info

To order, just drop me an email with the board(s) you wish to have and I can give you details regarding payment options plus also the shipping cost.

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