Monthly Archives: June 2016

Inband antennas are up

A lot has happened lately. I’ve gotten great help from SM2UVU, SM2LIY and SM2XJP which has resulted in us getting the inband antennas up. It was a bit tricky because we had to lift the whole tower 50mm to get the worm gear under the tower since I hadn’t measured that it actually would fit. I thought it should be obvious it would fit but apparently it was not, poor design.

We also managed to get the 2el 40m assembled and hoisted plus when SM2LIY arrived we also hoisted the homebrew OB16-3 antenna. I spent a whole week down at SJ2W and also made a trip down to Kurt, SE2T where I helped him replace the gamma and coax on his 20m yagi. It was a bit tricky since I could not reach the gamma so I had to shift the whole beam so I could reach it.

I have also managed to get the internet link working again and now also with lightning protection at the top of the tower plus the bottom. I have also added extra shielding which should improve their immunity against interference from the HF bands.

A cabinet was also built for the inband tower to hold all control electronics and batteries.

SM3LIC, SM3UZS and my dad visisted as well which was a blast!

Check the captions of the pictures for more information.