Monthly Archives: January 2010

openASC videos

Here are a few demo videos of my openASC system. However I did them quickly before going home from work so I intend to make some more serious videos in the future.

I have a software bug in the system which I will spend the weekend tracking down, and I will also try to get the firmware ready to have a first “release” for testing.

openASC front panel

Today I finished one of the front panels for the openASC box. I milled it at work with a CNC mill. I also have CNC plasma burn table, Powermax Hypertherm and I am also using a CNC plasma software. First I engraved it, then milled out all the slots and after that I did the paintjob to get the engraved slots black. I think when I’ve done the last front panel I’ll be pretty good at the paint fillings. However I ran out of black paint so I need to go and get some for the other fronts.

When I retrieve the right distance screws which I ordered from ELFA I will mill the back panels. Those are black anodized which means I don’t need to do any fillings, I will just engrave it and get aluminum colored letters.

Here are the pictures, looks great for being homebrew!

The new openASC boards

I received most parts for the openASC boards now after Christmas and have started to assemble them. I have totally 6 pcs of openASC control boxes to assemble, 7 pcs of positive driver modules and 4 pcs of sink modules. This takes a lot of time but now the first set of boards have been assembled and I plan to test everything on rev 2 this weekend. Most should work fine since it’s pretty much the same design as version 1 except some patches and the addition of a couple of more buttons.

Check the photos below, I have captions to each picture which explains it.