SO2R pix

Here is a gallery of SO2R shacks around the world. If you wish to be added or removed then please email me and I will fix it.

If you have updated your shack and want to send a new picture that is OK. Please say though if you wish to replace the old picture or just add the new picture as well (preferred).

If you click on an image you will see the call of the person owning the shack. If something is wrong, please send me the information and I will correct it. To avoid needing to fix broken links etc I have avoided to put any references to other web pages, but if a station has got a web page its an easy task of just searching for the call on for example Google.

Last updated: 2016-08-17 (K0PP, K6LA, N2QT, N5ZC)

  1. Nice SO2R pics! well done Mikey!

  2. Snygg sammanställning. Bra jobbat.

  3. I liked 9Q1EK ‘s shack photo genic because the
    buck key, staight key and ceramic valves were on dis play. others too fine each one has it’s own
    style all are good.

  4. Nice shack . See you.

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