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The good old days!

I got a picture sent to me from SM2ODB of when we used to be @SM2HWG many years ago, I think this was 2001 or 2002 during the IARU contest were we worked as SK9HQ. SM2ODB worked with SM2DMU on 10m SSB at DMUs QTH with his big 36el array and we did 20 and 15m CW from SM2HWG.

SM2WMV and SM2LIY standing up with SM3JLA sitting down at the radio


New SO2R position

I’ve been upgrading the SO2R position at SJ2W with the addition of a Elecraft K3 and an MK2R+. I’ve been busy making cables with filters built into the D-SUB connectors for the MK2R+ since I think it lacks a bit filtering. I need to finish up the cables for the K3 and need to think abit of how to do it so I can change between remote and local operation without changing any cables. I’ve listened a bit on the radio and it seem to be OK, we will see after the first contest what I think of it.


Lately I’ve been busy working on a few projects. I am making an own version of the Microkeyer II that does not need any router software on the computer and a bit more features plus interlock which is going to be useful in M/S. It has got dual soundcard USB codecs, one for digital modes and one used for voice keying. It has got a Winkey chip, FSK, CW etc generated and all this with a single USB cable.

Also, it has got proper filtering on all signals plus the interface is isolated both from the computer and the radio.

Some work has also been done on the QBL amplifier project and I built a small 2×1 switch to toggle between 12/17m so I can run 12m this winter remotely.

ARRL 10m

SM2IUF, SM2LIY and SM2UVU worked the ARRL 10m contest and managed to get the 5th SM record in a row this autumn, can it get much better? I doubt it.

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SM2IUF SM2LIY SM2UVU
Station: SJ2W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 31

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW: 1018   159
  SSB:  588   145
Total: 1606   304  Total Score = 1,595,392

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


We had some hope for good conditions on 10m, and they arrived, so we could claim
a new SM M/S record. First night started with some weak ionoscatter signals from
EU before band opened up in the morning. At Saturday afternoon the Aurora
arrived and helped keep the band open to NA during the evening and it was some
sporadic polar openings at night. Sunday evening was not as disturbed, but was
still some weak openings to NA in the evening with last NA QSO at 23:33z. Only
missed WY of the US states, had a hard time when K6KGP could copy
"J2W?" but then disappeared after a lot of repeats. Better luck next

Thanks for the QSOs. QSL will be put in LoTW and EQSL, and if paper needed
direct via SM2LIY

10m: 6/6el + 6el @46m
RX inband: 3-band vertical ~450m away

RUN: FT1000MKV + ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB)
INBAND (S&P on run band): FT1000MKV
N1MM Logger