New SO2R position

I’ve been upgrading the SO2R position at SJ2W with the addition of a Elecraft K3 and an MK2R+. I’ve been busy making cables with filters built into the D-SUB connectors for the MK2R+ since I think it lacks a bit filtering. I need to finish up the cables for the K3 and need to think abit of how to do it so I can change between remote and local operation without changing any cables. I’ve listened a bit on the radio and it seem to be OK, we will see after the first contest what I think of it.

  1. I noticed strange SJ2W keying lately with short pauses. More energy or fighting aurora ringing? Bit confusing to copy without CW robot 🙂

    MX & HNY & 73 de Mario, YU/S56A

  2. Mario, I am testing the MK2R+ and have been messing with it and not really happy with the CW yet. I think that the SSB now sounds awesome but hopefully the CW turns out fine too…

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