Microsoft Terms of Agreement Update 2019

The Microsoft Terms of Agreement Update 2019: What You Need to Know

This year, Microsoft made some important changes to their terms of agreement. As a user, it`s important to understand these changes and how they might affect you. In this article, we`ll discuss the most significant updates from the Microsoft Terms of Agreement update 2019.

What are the Microsoft Terms of Agreement?

The Microsoft Terms of Agreement are the rules and policies that govern your use of Microsoft`s products and services. They outline the rights and responsibilities of both Microsoft and its users. Whenever you use a Microsoft product or service, you must agree to these terms.

What`s new in the Microsoft Terms of Agreement Update 2019?

One of the most notable changes in the Microsoft Terms of Agreement Update 2019 is the expansion of the arbitration clause. In previous versions of the agreement, Microsoft allowed users to opt-out of binding arbitration within 30 days of accepting the terms. However, the new terms now state that users can only opt-out by sending a written notice to Microsoft within 30 days of the “first time you use the services.”

This means that if you continue to use Microsoft`s services beyond the initial 30-day period, you are bound to the arbitration clause. This clause essentially means that any legal disputes you have with Microsoft must be resolved through arbitration rather than through a court trial.

Another significant change in the Microsoft Terms of Agreement Update 2019 is the addition of a new section on accessibility. This section outlines Microsoft`s efforts towards creating accessible products and services for individuals with disabilities. It also provides information on how individuals can request accessibility features or report any accessibility issues they encounter.

Additionally, the new terms highlight Microsoft`s continued commitment to privacy and data protection. The company has made changes to provide users with more transparency and control over their personal information. For example, users can now manage their data privacy settings through the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard.

What do these changes mean for users?

Overall, the Microsoft Terms of Agreement Update 2019 signifies Microsoft`s dedication to providing accessible, transparent, and secure products and services to its users. However, it`s essential for users to understand the expanded arbitration clause and take action if they want to opt-out. It`s also important to note that Microsoft`s commitment to privacy and data protection is ongoing, and users should continue to monitor their data privacy settings and be aware of any potential risks.

In conclusion, as a user of Microsoft`s products and services, it`s crucial to stay informed about the changes to the Microsoft Terms of Agreement. By understanding these updates, you can make informed decisions about your use of Microsoft`s services and ensure that you are protected.

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