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November update 2019

As usual I have been bad at posting updates on the webpage. I am considering cancelling this blog and instead link to Instagram and the Swedish “Elektronikforumet” thread translated to English instead.

It is a lot more work for me to update the web page compared to those other two alternatives and it is pretty much the same work three times all the time. But I will still keep the website as normal but maybe not post all this pictures etc on it. I will think a bit about it.

Here is a link to Electronikforumet translated to English,

October update 2019

July update 2019

Most of July was spent re-routing cables from the house to the new shack. It was a lot of work but I managed to get it done. I also got help a week by SG3P (SK3W) which is always nice and also SM2UVU came up and helped while Gunnar was here.

We also managed to fix the 40m 4-SQ. The control cable was re-routed to the Moskojärvi tower to hookup on that 40-lead cable. One of the vertical posts had been pulled up out of the ground a bit by the frost, so that the cable had pulled out of the vertical. Easy fix.

We also managed to get one radio up and running inside the new shack.

Rotator work

Last weekend me and Anna + Hicco spent some time at the station. I mainly spent time getting the rotation of the Moskojärvi tower to work. Me and my neighbor also spent time planning out where to put the inband tower on his land. The plans turned out great so now we have a fun project for next year. Left to do getting the Mosko-tower rotating is putting the pot in place, running a bit more cables and configuring the rotator board for the openASC system. So hopefully its finished before CQWW DX CW in a few weeks.