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This weekend was a lot of fun. We had as goal to beat 7 million points, which was our best result ever @SM2HWG QTH during the good year of 2003. We were a bit skeptic considering that the solar flux was so low, but man did we crush that result and even broke the Swedish M/S record by SK3W back in 2000. However it will probably not survive the log check, since the margin is too low, still its a result we are very happy about especially considering stuff are far from optimal, especially when it comes to flexibility. We are most proud of our 80 and 40m mults and the very high pts/q average (~2.15) considering how short time 15 was open and practically without 10m, and getting 40 zones on 2 bands was awesome.

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SE2T SM2LIY SM2WMV SM3JLA
Station: SJ2W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 47.5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  225    20       77
   80:  527    34      134
   40: 1852    40      155
   20: 1842    40      146
   15:  558    36      136
   10:   38     8       38
Total: 5042   178      686  Total Score = 9,370,080

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters

WOW! This was really an awesome experience! We had hoped for 7 meg but we were a bit skeptic considering the low solar flux, some kind of wet fantasy would be to reach the current SM M/S record, which is at 8.6 meg by SK3W back in 2000. We did reach it, however we doubt that we have enough marginal to pass it during log check.

The low bands were amazing during the first night, and during daytime we had great openings to JA/US on 40m, which produces great 3 pts runs. On Saturday night we got aurora and K-index 4, but as expected this gave us great US runs on 15/20m which was a blast. However we were really afraid of what to expect of how the bands would be in the rest of the contest. Luckily the bands didn’t suffer that extremely much, even though the following night (Sunday morning) was quite a struggle.

We missed 30 minutes on Sunday morning due to a relay which failed, and SM2WMV was woken up from his beauty sleep (much needed) to walk outside in -20C to bypass the relay box.

9L5VT was an awesome 6-band qso. Also working ZL8X during aurora conditions on 15m during the night, and working them long path on Saturday morning on 80m.

Things at the QTH are yet not optimal, its actually far from. We haven’t got enough flexibility antenna wise (especially 40/20m). We had one radio always on 80m, and two radios which were run/mult depending on situation, but only 160m on one radio which made the result suffer compared to last year.

10m sucked, almost no openings at all except some skew path openings via scatter on Sunday.

Next one is probably CQ 160 CW, cu! Check the webpage for more information about the station and everything that
goes on (updated frequently).

Amp progress

I have worked some on the amp lately. Not much more has been done except some work getting ready for the CQWW CW contest this weekend. The ops will be me (SM2WMV), SM2LIY, SM3JLA and SE2T.

I’ve mounted the anode chokes, one which can be switched out with a V1V relay. This is to avoid any problems with internal resistances within the HF bands. I just use both the chokes on 160 and 80m, while I just use one of them on 40-10m.

I also made an L for the PI-filter, the first part of it which will be used for 10-20m, maybe also 40m. I tried to silver plate it and the recipe I found on ON7LR website. I also mounted the C1 capacitor which was donated by SM3BDZ. This is a 1000pF variable vacuum capacitor which is padded with a 500pF capacitor that is switched in with a V1V for the low-bands.

Now next step is to make a mounting bracket to hold the C2 capacitor, which is a 1200pF variable vacuum capacitor.

More amp work done

I did do some work on the amplifier. I mounted a 2nd floor in the cabinet which will hold the PI-filter on the upper floor and the control electronics on the bottom floor. I also mounted the fan but I changed my mind. First I was going to use it to suck air through the amplifier but then I decided to move the heater transformers under the sockets which would make the hot air also go through there. So instead I will make it blow air into the amplifier and thus cool air will be pushed through the heater transformers. I also mounted the sockets and chimneys and hopefully this weekend I will start on the anode chokes.

New Swedish record

This CQWW DX SSB was awesome and the goal which was to beat the Swedish record was accomplished. However I didn’t think this was going to be possible this year but everything went well, no breakdowns but the operator should have done some more intensive SO2R and move more mults, so the mult total is a bit low but I am overall very happy about the first serious CQWW SSB contest since 2000 (!).

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SM2WMV
Station: SJ2W

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 45
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  220    10       51
   80:  281    16       72
   40: 1287    34      103
   20: 1867    33       95
   15: 1182    32       96
   10:   49    14       36
Total: 4886   139      453  Total Score = 6,023,600

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


I am to tired to write anything. A bit low maybe on mults but overall
I am VERY pleased with a new SM record which was set as my goal
to beat for the solar peak. So what should I do now? I guess 
another goal I've had is to do 500 dxcc and 5000q so that will be 
the motivation and try to keep up with the OH:s. I mainly feel I 
need to improve flexibility at the station plus move more mults!

Check the website for a write up in the future and information 
about the station. It contains a lot of information what happens
every week!

Getting ready for CQWW