Amp progress

I have worked some on the amp lately. Not much more has been done except some work getting ready for the CQWW CW contest this weekend. The ops will be me (SM2WMV), SM2LIY, SM3JLA and SE2T.

I’ve mounted the anode chokes, one which can be switched out with a V1V relay. This is to avoid any problems with internal resistances within the HF bands. I just use both the chokes on 160 and 80m, while I just use one of them on 40-10m.

I also made an L for the PI-filter, the first part of it which will be used for 10-20m, maybe also 40m. I tried to silver plate it and the recipe I found on ON7LR website. I also mounted the C1 capacitor which was donated by SM3BDZ. This is a 1000pF variable vacuum capacitor which is padded with a 500pF capacitor that is switched in with a V1V for the low-bands.

Now next step is to make a mounting bracket to hold the C2 capacitor, which is a 1200pF variable vacuum capacitor.

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