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No more running…

After getting tired of running down to the basement everytime needing to change band on the amplifier or if one drives it a bit too hard so it trips I decided to finish up this box. It is basically a box which is connected in paralell to the amplifiers control panel and enables us to control the important functions on the amp, such as band change, HV ON/OFF, amplifier ON/OFF etc. The box can also be automatically controlled via BCD signals or via USB which enables the possibility to control the amplifier remote.

I still need to finish the back panel on the box but I will do that this week and finish the software, but it looks really promising.

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This wasn’t fun…

Last time at the station I managed to shove the blade from a saw into the foot. I had removed it from the top of a desk since I needed a thing lying under it, put the saw down on the floor and forgot to put it back. So at about 00:30 when I had gone and taken a plate of sour milk I shoved my foot into something. I cursed a few times since I spilled the sour milk and looked down, there I saw blood pulsating out of my foot so I tore off the socks and saw a hole into the foot with blood gushing out of it. Apperently I shoved it right into an artery… So I use duct tape and paper to stop the blood flow (yes, I will buy an emergency kit) and called to ask what to do and they stated that since I could move my toes and also that the blood flow was stopped I could go to bed and see if there was any complications in the morning.

Being out in the woods without transportation isn’t always fun…


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However it worked out OK without complications, the foot is good now but I’ll remember to put the saw¬† back next time.