160m antennas

The main antenna for the 160m band is a 39m high vertical. The antenna consist of 29m of WIBE tower sections with an insulated base and a top tube which is 10m long. The antenna is tuned to 50 ohms through a tapped inductor which also makes the antenna DC grounded. The total length of radials are about 3km, each one alteast 1/4wl long.

The coaxial cable running out to this antenna is a 170m long RG-17 which has got a metal protective coating.

There are some plans of maybe errecting a 4-SQ for 160m around the new Moskojärvi 60m tower, as the solar cycle low gets closer.

Here are some pictures of the antenna


The base of the antenna which is isolated from the ground

The antenna from a distance, covered in snow

The feedpoint creating a perfect 50 ohm match in the middle of the band (This was with the first version of the antenna. Now its extended and only uses the coil to get proper 50 ohm match and DC ground)

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