160m almost finished

This weekend we managed to get a lot of work done on the 160m vertical. I (SM2WMV) started on Friday evening to build the ginpole which we were gonna use to put up the tower sections. It’s made out of steel which makes it heavy but at the same time I trust it to 100% even though I have welded it myself. It wasn’t that extremely hard either to get it up in the tower, even though SM2LIY complained a bit about his hands hurting 😉

We started on Saturday to raise up the first 6m by hand with the ginpole attached to the top. After that we pulled up the second tower section so at the end of day 1 the tower was 12m high. On Sunday SE2T showed up to help, except cutting down trees he did help putting up the sections for the 160m vertical. After Sunday was over we had pulled up one more section and after feeling that the tower was very wobbly I climbed up on Sunday evening to attach a few steel guy wires to secure it. After that I had run out of fuel, probably since I had to lift the last tower section the last 5cm by hand, since I had attached the ginpole too low and I got to pissed off to hoist it back down and up again so I did some power lifting instead 😉 The attached guy wires did make it easier to climb (mentally) on Monday when we put up the last 6m of tower section. Now next weekend we will put up the pipe in top of the vertical, which will make the vertical pretty much full size. We will probably make it a little shorter so that we can use a coil to ground, making the antenna DC-grounded.

Here are some pictures!

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