160M vert progress

Last weekend we continued to work on the 160m antenna. SM2LIY joined me during the whole weekend and was trying to finish up the groundplane for the antenna, we still need to put out maybe 1km more, but that is done rather fast. We also put out the feeder for the antenna (RG-17) and it ended up being approx 170m long but at these frequency it’s no problem.

We’ll see if we can get it up this weekend or if we need to push it forward even more. I plan to operate SB 80M during CQWW CW but we will see if I will be assisted or not and how serious my effort will be. I think that will be decided a bit depending on the propagations.

Here are some pictures

Base of the 160m vertical

Base of the vertical with the actual vertical attached

The first 24m consist of WIBE 280mm tower sections

Some of the radials

Isolator of the bottom plate

To be continued…

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