A little update

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I am too busy with work and other stuff. I need to find a way to get rich soon so I that I can work less and spend more time on radio related stuff 😉 However right now I am trying to recover from the flu.

I have been working on making a little workshop in the basement at SJ2W since I am changing jobs and am left without a mechanical and electronics workshop. I will try to continue building on the QBL amplifier down there and also other stuff, its very nice with a heated space.

SM2LIY was also here and operated ARRL CW and it seems like it might be a #1 win in Europe also this year but this time on 20m, very fun indeed. I am a bit pissed that I skipped working ARRL SSB since the propagation’s were really good. Hopefully I will have time and motivation to do the WPX SSB, either SOAB or SB20, we will see.

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