Status update

Lately most of the stuff that has been done has been building electronics. Except being in the progress of changing my job I have been programming a lot on the openSRI interface and I also got the v1.1 designed, ordered, assembled and tested. Now I have gotten rid of the microphone audio hum plus the new changes seem to work. I have a list of changes to make for v1.2 such as adding SPI to the top floor so we can have ethernet or any other interface that need high data rate. By having I2C and SPI to the top floor there is always the option to add pretty much anything to the interface.

So instead of needing to do v1.2 at once I patched those changes on v1.1 so that I can test everything thus maybe not needing to do more than one more revision (hopefully…).

I will be spending next weekend with SM2LIY down at SJ2W trying to catch K5P and VP8STI on a few bands. I have managed to work K5P on 20SSB and 40CW but unfortunately 30m yagi seem to have some issue. Hopefully its just the relays that switches the yagi in on the 40m coax out at the tower base and not something with the yagi.

I also am in the progress of ordering a new version antenna switch which is 3×1.

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