New antenna switch design

I received some PCBs I had ordered from China today and decided to make a box out of aluminum so that I could do some measurements and see its performance. I had done a 6×1 design before but I did not have any easy way to compensate for the stray capacitance in the box, making the insertion loss a bit too high for my taste on higher frequencies. Now the new improved design will hopefully be a lot better and I will measure it hopefully tomorrow in the network analyzer at work.

I will put this box inside the amplifier room at SJ2W so that I can easily route non-contest antennas (6m, WARC etc) to the radios without needing to put long coaxes out to the switch room in the barn. We are planning on putting up a tower for WARC and maybe some fixed contest antenna as well and that will be located quite close to the house, making the cabling quite easy to get into the amplifier room. I have an old Hy-gain 3el yagi for 20m that I will rebuild for 17m and add 4 elements for 12m on the boom as well. Plus I have designed a 2el for 30m designed to survive 40 m/s winds which will be put above the duo-bander.

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