Outdoor work

I went to the QTH on Thursday evening with a bit of fever with my girlfriend, which luckily got better as the weekend progressed.

A lot of time was spent outside this weekend. On Friday me and SM2XJP went to Robertsfors to pick up some aluminum that was ordered a while back. Unfortunately our big order of almost 200kg of aluminum has not yet arrived, but hopefully it will within a few weeks. We also paid a visit to SM2DMU/SM2HTF QTH were we also met SM3DMP who came by on his drive to a dog show further north.

On Friday night SM3JLA showed up while I was fixing so that the 4-1000A PA was easily switchable between 160-20m again (It does not operate on 15/10m). We fixed some stuff for WPX CW next weekend and on Sunday we spent time digging holes and putting down the support posts for the 40m 4-SQ, which is now ready to go up. However we need to clear away some cut down trees before we can put out any radials.

I also spent a few hours cutting down trees making a road for the crane so it can reach the place we will put up the 40m high tower. Still a lot of trees to take down and plenty of work getting rid of all the cut off branches and logs, but we are making progress.

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