Amp work continued

Yesterday and today I did some more work on the amplifier control. I milled new plates for the stepper motors and gears, I milled a D shaped hole in one of the gears and I assembled everything and tested it together with the rack unit which contains the electronics. It all worked well after a few changes in the software. So now during some rainy day I will attach it all to the amplifier and test if it works well. If not I’ll fix it 😉

I also made three plates made out of stainless steel which will be used to attach the lightning protection to the tower. Today everything is connected below the base bearing but I am afraid that if I get a direct hit on the tower I might weld the bearing which would mean lots of problems. These new plates will instead be attached above the bearing to the legs of the tower and are made out of stainless steel since this works well with both galvanized steel and copper.

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