More house work

Some work has been done lately but I’ve been too tired to update the website, sorry for that.

I got some help from SM2XLL which did speed up the insulation process by quite a lot and last week SM3JLA spent four days at the QTH helping me and we got quite a lot done. SM2JDU has also come by with lots of cables. Lots of jumper cables from RG-217 and also about 90m of 7/8″ cables. Thank you very much Ulf!

I’ll try to be better at updating the website.

  1. Hi Mikael, if you need a another fuel tank for the lawnmower. I have a second hand one for you for just the prize of a package to Sweden (approx 10 euro).
    73, Bas

  2. Bas, this is actually the second fuel tank that I have broken on this lawn mower. So I believe that if you send me another one it will be broken in just a while. It seems like the axle on the motor is broken.

  3. Yep, the axle can be bend. If this is the second time it broke it is usually due to excessive vibration. Time for a new lawnmower 😉
    73, Bas

  4. Yes, I have bought a new one which is at SM2XJP place right now. I am for the first time in my life looking forward cutting the lawn, but I guess that fun experience will be over in a few minutes after I begin 😉

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