Getting organized

Not much has happened lately except I am trying to get organized. I made a trip down to my parents place as well where I played with my nephews and did some minor tasks for my dad as well. I’ve bought a new lawnmower which works great but weather has been quite bad during the days I’ve spent at SJ2W so I have been trying to get organized inside the barn, which is a MAJOR task, believe me!

I built a large shelf which will be able to hold a lot of gear and I’ve been cleaning out the rooms but it takes a long time. However, now with all the shelfs and boxes I have some hope that I will be able to keep it pretty clean, but we will see when its done. I’ve also decided to store some stuff in an old hay barn I have which is currently empty. In there I could have coaxes and other cables which take up a lot of room in the barn today.

Check the pictures and you’ll get a better idea of what has been done,

  1. Great photos. I like the paint color on the veranda 🙂 . Well hope this mower will hold better then the other one. Although it looks good I know it has a chinese “Honda” imitation motor, hope you don’t get in trouble with it. Although it has 2 years guarantee normally, so who cares. 73, Bas

  2. I have a Stiga mower too (with aluminum chassis) and it rocks, even in its 10th season!
    Season I say, not ‘summer’ because “weather has been quite bad” also applies here in ON. WX = YUK.

    Getting powertools for your birthday is cool. Congratulations OM!

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