First tower up

I arrived to the QTH on Friday afternoon and after a few hours SM2LIY also showed up. We started with taking down the birch which was taken down for two reasons. One is because it was in the way for the 16m tower and the other reason is because otherwise a crane would not be able to get into the driveway. Just to be safe we attached a rope to the tree and pulled it into the direction we wanted it to fall.

SM2LIY got the idea of making a 2el QUAD for 6m which was made out of mainly wood and some copper wire. SM2WMV installed it on the pipe attached to the chimney on Saturday and the antenna seem to work.

SM2WMV also made a bracket used when raising the 16m tower which was attached to the wall of the barn. When everything was finished we tried to winch the tower up and everything was OK so we put together a 3el mono for 20m, which is a temporary installation until the two 6el monos for 10m have gotten new feed systems.

Everything went well but the tower does not have any rotator at the moment since I forgot the EMATATOR 1103 back at the SM3 QTH.

Here are some pictures

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