Holes have been dug

After some phone calls the local company GTL had time to come out and dig the holes for the 60m tower. He came with an Ã…kerman H3 excavator which is a 8500kg heavy machine which is kind of perfect for this job since it has got an easy time to access everything.

It took about 2-3 hours to dig all holes. The first guy wire point was a breeze but the center position for the tower did have some rocks and the second guy wire post we ended up with a large rock, which made us move the guy wire point back about 50cm, not a big deal at all. The third point was no problem either and now I will need to throw down the guy wire anchors and refill the holes, which will be done by hand and will take some time.

Here are some pictures, tomorrow I will continue to cut down some more trees and gonna throw down the guy wire anchors so that if it starts to rain it does not matter if the soil falls into the hole.

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