More tower work

I managed to get some more work done before I left on Tuesday back to LuleƄ to work. I did some welding on the 16m tower which is very soon ready to be put up. I will need to buy a winch for the next visit to the station, which will be welded onto the 16m tower to hoist it up. The wire from the winch will run up along the mast and around the wheel seen in the pictures below, and into a plate on the wall. That way it is easy to hoist the tower up/down whenever work needs to be done on the antennas.

Next weekend a few of us will gather and hopefully do a lot of outdoor work. The holes for the 60m tower might be dug in the end of the week and in that case we will be trying to finish up the guy wire anchors for the 60m tower and also start to work on the base of the tower.

Stay tuned…

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