Adventure at SM2OAN

SM2NOG and I went up to SM2OAN to help him put up 36m of OH8QD tower and antennas this weekend at his island QTH. It’s a beautiful place and we enjoyed the food, company and also the work very much. The weather was pretty much perfect, even though I got showered by rain while being in the tower on Sunday. SM2NOG did the climbing on Saturday putting up the first four antennas and I did most of the climbing on Sunday putting up the lower four antennas. SM2OAN himself put up the 12m yagi at around 10m height.

I managed to take some pictures of the work.

  1. hi Mike
    Could you send me slide/picture #27 out of the 30 from SM2OAN?

    I can view it just fine but would like to have my vy own copy!
    That is certainly unique among tower bases I’ve seen!!

    vy 73 Don K4ZA (keep up the good blog work…)

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