Mainly house work

I spent a few days down at SJ2W with my girlfriend. I got some more stuff done on the house. It goes pretty quickly now when I know how to do everything. Now I need to get the door and remove the roof over the stairs so I can continue and hopefully finish up the house work during my first week of vacation. SM2UVU came by on Sunday with some stuff he had gotten laser cut for the 60m tower we took down in Moskoj√§rvi. That tower has got OH8QD first design of guy rings which tended to freeze up since water got into them in the winter which turned into ice. So I will change those rings to a design similar to OH8LQ ( but with some minor changes that SM2UVU has done to the design. The quality of the laser cut pieces is just plain amazing, won’t even need to grind it!

Next weekend me and SM2NOG are off to SM2OAN to put up 36m OH8QD tower and antennas. The week after that I’ll spend time helping a friend to build on his house but after that I plan to be at SJ2W for a few weeks and hopefully get a lot of stuff done.

So stay tuned…

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