Yes, today our only fully working amplifier broke, its a Granger Model 180-1 HF transmitter which we use the amplifier part of and has got a 4CX1500B tube. If you have any details on this amplifier, like a manual I would really appricitate it. I have been looking but can neither find what happened to the Granger company or any manual of the amplifier.

It seems like the bias voltage on the control grid which is the problem causing the tube to draw maximum anode current, and that makes the protective circuits to trip. However, its hard to find what is actually for the bias in the ratsnest of wires. So a manual would be really helpful, since santa seem to reject my wishes of a new amplifier.

This got me in a very bad mood…

Here is a quite bad picture of the amplifier,


  1. Odd-Egil (LA8AW)


    Har du ett bilde av Granger’en?

  2. Now I’ve added a picture of it.