My resting day

Since the weekend was so much work for me and SM2XJP, I decided to take it easy on Monday. So I started building a little house at the new cable entrance at the barn which I think turned out really good. I will need to buy some more material for grounding and I need to make some parts so I can attach it nice to the coaxes. I also added gas discharge tubes (GDT) to the control wires and got us QRV on three bands, since SM2LIY came here and not having the possibility to be QRV would be quite tough on him 😉

SM2LIY did burn the old paneling from the house while I worked on the cable entrance.

Now when the grounding is improved I am comfortable to leave all antenna switches etc connected during thunderstorms. However, I can disconnect all the coaxial cables leading to the house, so that only the control cables is what is connecting the barn to the house, and all those are very well protected with both GDTs and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs).

SE2T also arrived to day and helped us at the QTH, mainly painting.

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