Some trips

The last two weeks have been first a wedding and then last weekend a trip down to SM3 to visit my parents plus pick up a milling machine I got to buy for a good price. It was a brand new Optimum BF20L which is perfect for making some parts for antennas etc. I also got to visit SM3RAB QTH and see his antennas.

This weekend me and SM2UVU have been making some antennas for him and SM2NOG. I will update with pictures from this weekend when the weekend is over since I am planning more work. One of these things are cutting out larger discs to modify the new winch. SM2FQB also gave me a couple of inverters, one one-phase to three phase which will be perfect for the winch and one big that I plan to use on the 60m tower to easy the strain on everything a bit so I can ramp up/down at the starts and stops. So thank you very much Ulf!

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