Quite a bit done

Quite a bit has been done lately but I have as lately been bad at updating the website. I will try to improve now during my vacation. SM2UVU was @SJ2W and we cut and drilled some antenna material for a couple of beams for him and also a beam for SM2NOG (he is building a WARC duoband 5+6el 12/17 of my design).

Me and SM2NOG went on a trip up to SM2EKM where we picked up a 30m tower with ~50cm side. Plan is to weld cross braces on it and make it rotatable and use it for inband. The tower will hold a copy of an OB16-3 tribander and also a 2el fullsize for 40m.

I also had some relatives visiting me and quite of a few of them are interested in technical stuff so I believe they had fun at the station. The only bad thing was that when they were about to leave Aragon (my dads dog) tried to take Hiccos (our dog) favorite toy which ended up in a dog fight with blood as an outcome. It went well though but it will be interesting this weekend when they will meet again.

I have also done some work on the new winch. Me and SM2UVU cut new sides for it to make it take more wire and I welded those into place. Also since the winch is quite heavy I have welded wheels on the base for it so I can roll it around. So when I will use it I need to hook it into some solid object so it does not move, since it is not heavy enough on its own.

I also fixed the stackbox that was burned up just prior to WPX CW so now it will be installed again and the switching is fully functional again.


  1. Hi Mikael,
    Nice works done, sorry I was not present to assist with the new Boom/Mast-Plates. Have a nice vacation. At present in SM-land
    73, Thomas