More pictures from week

A lot of work got done this weekend. Both inside the house and outside. It rained during the beginning of the week and last weekend so I ended up doing some work nailing cables to the wall etc. Outside we dug the holes (which was mentioned earlier) for the 60m tower and I started to fix the guy anchors for this. The anchors consist of 2.7m long logs which are pressure treated to handle lying a long time in the ground. They are a bit heavy though to handle by yourself but I managed to get 2 of them into their holes, the last one we are missing a couple of parts for. Luckily we seem to get to borrow a L70 tractor from the same guys who dug the holes to fill them back up, this is a relief since I manged to fill about 1/3 of a hole during several hours of work. The muddy ground is not easy to dig in.

Here are some more pictures from what happened during the week.

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