Poor weather

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been very busy at work and weather was bad last weekend that not much outdoor work was done. However I managed to mount the new hairpin conversion kit a la SM2WMV on the 15m Yagi. SM3JLA showed up as well and since weather was calm for a moment we decided that we needed to get the 20m 6el yagi ready to be lifted. SM2XJP and me went to Rainer, SM2DMU to get some Parafil (similar to phillystran) for the side support of the boom. So now that antenna is ready to be tuned in and lifted into position. However weather has been too bad lately, it has been windy pretty much all the time I have been at the QTH so work has been focused on other things.

On last Sunday when I was climbing the tower to mount the lifting rope and tram wire, when I reached 33m, thunder was heard in the distance so I had the abort the climb and come down again. Hopefully I will be able to take a few days off work this week and get down there to make things ready so that we have atleast 6/6el + 4el for IARU when we will do 20m SSB as SK9HQ and act support station on 10m if we get sporadic E openings.

I did some work in the switch room as well. Installed some 7/16″ connectors on the 7/8″ cables from the 60m tower and also put up some mounting for a powersplitter. Five more powersplitters will be added for the other contest bands in the future when I get some more relays from Fabian, DJ1YFK. It was easily configured into the openASC system and is switching as it is supposed to, now only some antennas are missing 😉

I also got some help from SM2XLL to pull out 2 pcs of 7/8″ cables out to the 18m tower. These 7/8″ cables will be pulled up in the tower and we will need to add some more meters of cable to get into the switch room.

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