L match for 20m built

Since it will take a little while until 20m yagi #3 is up in the stack I decided to build a 2 antenna L-match, which will later be used for the planned 5/5 stack in another tower. I am getting rather good at making these, this time it took me only two hours to build and tune the whole thing. I managed to get around 3.05 dB insertion loss and since it’s naturally a 3dB loss because of two antennas, the real insertion loss is 3.05-3dB which means 0.05dB insertion loss per each antenna which I find extremely good.

I used 7/16″ connectors (Rosenberger) which was donated earlier by SM3SGP. The capacitors used are doorknobs which I had in my junk box, a total of about 220pF was used.

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